Time has not stopped in Bussana VecchiaMy research focused on the seismic vulnerability assessment of A real case study, a masonry church in Bussana Vecchia (Liguria) Which was destroyed by an earthquake In the late 19 century. Nowadays The village is still a ruin. As happened to Pompei, time has stopped in Bussana Vecchia ,like a “time machine” every building remembers the past.
The investigation focused on St. Egidio Church, Whose vault and roof got lost during the earthquake.
Thanks to the non-linear dynalic analysis performed with ABAQUS/Simulia, I not only had the opportunity to find the most vulnerable elements but furthermore design a retrofitting structure for the restoration and a innovative light roof cover to enhance church’s stability.



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Media library in Brescia Center

Student accomodation in Bergamo (Italy)

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Co-housing and Social Housing in Vimercate (Italy)

Restoration project Palazzo Dugnani, Milan (Italy)

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restore of an industrial land in Genoa (Italy)

Shanghai Requalification (Cina)

Shanghai requalification